How to post images in blog

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    To post images in blog you have to upload images in any image hosting service.
    Example of image hosting services:
    Google photos
    Upload your image to any of this services and grab the direct link of the image.
    For example suppose is the direct link of the image. Then you have to put this link in the blog like the following way, ![image name]( Then your image will display in the blog post.

    Important: First image of the post will also show in top of the post like below.


    How to get direct link from google photos?
    Google frequently change their algorithm, So following method can be invalid in future. For now, the method is :
    Go to and upload your photo. The click shared album. Other wise you can go to sharing tab click start a new share, and give a title to album. Then click Add photos. Then click Select from computer. Then image will be uploaded and displayed in the album. Next step is important, you have to click again the image to view image full screen. Then right click it, the click copy the image address, or copy the link address which ever coming in your computer. The link will be long like
    You have to notice that starting of link should contain portion.

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