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  • How to add Progressive Web App support to your blog

    Progressive web app (PWA) is an application of your website that your customers can install on their android, iphone, windows, linux and mac. Even if your customers don't have internet connection, it will work offline. Your customers will see a notification in the lower section of the mobile like in below image.


    By clicking on the notification the app will get installed on your customers phone without going to play store or app store. It doesn't require playstore account.

    It store your website data in phone. So it works even if your customers don't have internet turned on.


    Your customers also can install in desktop windows, linux and mac.

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  • മലയാളം ചോദ്യോത്തര വേദിയിലേക്ക് സ്വാഗതം

    നമസ്കാരം അംഗങ്ങൾക്ക് ഈ കമ്മ്യൂണിറ്റിയിൽ മലയാളത്തിൽ ചർച്ച ചെയ്യാവുന്നതാണ്

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  • How to post images in blog

    To post images in blog you have to upload images in any image hosting service.
    Example of image hosting services:
    Upload your image to any of this services and grab the direct link of the image.
    For example suppose is the direct link of the image. Then you have to put this link in the blog like the following way, ![image name]( Then your image will display in the blog post.

    If you need to post images in header portion of the post like below image, add the image like the following way.
    <!-- ![header]( -->. The word header should be there.


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  • How to post youtube videos

    To post youtube videos in your blog simply go to and select the video you want to post in your blog. Then click share button under the video. Then click embed.


    Copy the code in next screen which looks like <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> and paste in your posts.

    To appear youtube video in the top portion of your video you have to do following things.

    Step 1: Go to youtube and find your video and copy the link of the video. It will look like this or Then you need to copy id from this like. In this case K4DyBUG242c is the id. Then paste it in your blog post in the following way like it should be <!-- [ytb K4DyBUG242c] -->.

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  • How to add free ssl to your custom domain

    Go to cloudflare
    Sign-up to take an account and then sign in.
    Click add site and enter your domain name. Example as
    Click next. Then select free plan. Click select plan. Click confirm. Click continue.
    Change name servers in your domain registrar accordingly, click continue.
    Wait for some time to resolve nameservers.
    When you go to Home Page of cloudflare and see active under your domain name, you click your domain name and In the Crypto tab of your CloudFlare site you should ensure your SSL mode is set to Full but not Full (Strict)
    We can now add a Page Rule to enforce HTTPS, as you add other Page Rules make sure this is the primary Page Rule:
    Under page rule tab click create page rule.
    Then click add settings, select always use https. Click save and deploy.
    Then create one more page rule.
    Then click add settings, select forwarding url
    Select permanent redirect 301, add url as$1
    Click save and deploy. Done!
    Thank you.

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  • How to get custom domain for free

    Go to Freenorm
    Check availability for your domain.
    If available click check out.
    Next page select period. Up to 12 months you will get free. You can renew after this period which is also free.
    In next page enter your email and click verify.
    Confirm email link which got in your mail.
    Next page enter first name, last name, other profile information and password. Also accept terms. Then click complete order.
    Login to your account then go to services> my domain. Click manage domain then under management tools click nameservers. Just click change nameservers for once only. Then go to manage Freenorm DNS. There you can configure your DNS. Add A record as
    in seperate line. Means by clicking more records. Leave name field blank.
    Also add A record as
    in seperate line. Means by clicking more records. In name field add as www.
    Done! After some time your dns will resolve.

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to this forum.

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